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The school is a small, clean, special room that is wholly dedicated to the yoga sciences. The yoga room is a setting for radical transformation, and is designed to be an encouraging environment to learn into the depths of yoga's many precepts.

It's fully equipped from floor to ceiling to support a diverse student base, so regardless of how a student views their themselves (size, shape, age, health conditions, gender, class, creed, etc....) the school has the tools to help fortify them for learning beyond self-limiting tendencies. Our interest as a school is in serving the people, and supporting dynamic health on all levels. We are willing to help anyone of sincere interest to develop in the various facets of yoga to the best of our ability.

We are a cornerstone in the community and have a strong staff of developed, caring teachers who are dedicated to yoga as a whole-life exploration. The teaching staff is made up of full-time practitioners, seekers in the inner terrain, and the class content reflects the aliveness of the their efforts. Come see what is circulating at WSYS, yoga has an immense capacity to enrich the human experience.



Above is an image of Patanjali, who is credited with compiling and synthesizing several transcendental accomplishments, among them a treatise on ancient medicine(Ayurveda), a treatise on ancient grammar(Sanskrit), and his culminative work on human consciousness and transcendent psychology, The Yoga Sutra.

In the Yoga Sutra, he sheds light on the technical, metapsychological, and meditative underpinnings of the practice of yoga.

He describes a systematic approach to transforming as a human-being from a scattered state of mind and the material/physical, toward a clear state of mind and the profound/metaphysical.

This process is said to spark a connection with that which is the essence of life, our deeper possibility as human-beings, our central nature.

We pay respect to the revelations of sage Patanjali. We greatly honor him as a shining light in the unbroken tradition of yoga

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